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arch-c201.git My hacks to make the C201 more usable on arch-arm 5 days ago
cbatticon.git A lightweight and fast battery icon that sits in your system... 5 days ago
usbgcnp.git Very simple USB montrosity 2 months ago
tinyprobe2.git Tiny logic probe, not yet made 2 months ago
tprobe.git ATtiny85V logic probe 2 months ago
datalogger.git datalogger without data, WIP 2 months ago
ciface.git My little embedded console interface common bits 3 months ago
weirdlang.git A weird low-ram language that doesnt work 3 months ago
solarpcb.git Solar light PCB 6 months ago
pandora-wip-kernel.git WIP pandora 4.14 kernel 6 months ago
iblcd-ng.git iblcd (fancier carlcdp, "instrument board") pcb, second try... 7 months ago
dasholedsw.git sw for a dash oled thing :P 7 months ago
project-tinygif.git Make GIFs easier to decode on an AVR. The result is not a gif... 7 months ago
cros-compat.git Abusing CrOS services from a chroot or container :P 8 months ago
avr-tools-pnd.git scripties for a pandora AVR Tools pnd 8 months ago
nschrooter.git User namespace-based chroot()-like thing. 9 months ago
babi.git A small nano-like text editor that I want to make usable and... 14 months ago
frser-duino.git Reimplementation of serprog-duino based on the original flashrom... 15 months ago
retrolpc.git LPC SuperI/O extension board for PCEngines alix2,apu1,apu2 boards... 16 months ago
usbavrprog2.git AT90USB (proto is 1287) based flashrom serprog flash (NOR) chip... 16 months ago
spisolator.git SPI Isolator 17 months ago
carlcdp.git A personal project. The code is GPLv3 just for the sake of using... 19 months ago
chpndser.git ch340g-based "ext port serial port to usb"-adapter for the pandora 2 years ago
tiny26dac.git ATtiny26 as an LPT DAC (old project archived) 2 years ago
stm32-lpc.git WIP STM32 based ... thing 2 years ago
libfrser.git "Library" (no .a) for implementing the FlashRom SERprog protocol 2 years ago
pndnub-fw.git WIP; Firmware for a pandora nub ATmega8L 2 years ago
am644-denver.git I never used this for a real project, but code to interface with... 2 years ago
ps2-to-rs232.git ATtiny85 converting PS/2 mouse to serial... 2 years ago
B2T.git Explodify and maybe even un-explodify nokia firmware images that... 2 years ago
s60-uptime.git 2 years ago
s2putty.git Reboot of the S60 1st Ed and 2nd Ed support... 2 years ago
frser-emu.git linux libfrser-as-daemon that fakes a flash chip for libfrser... 2 years ago
frser-atmega88.git Legacy flashrom serprog code of the ATmega88/168 demo board ... 3 years ago
frser-m328lpcspi.git Firmware for 5V AVR Arduino compatible shield with LPC/FWH and SPI 3 years ago
fast-usbserial.git ATMega16U2 firmare - faster than arduino-usbserial 3 years ago
frser-spi-u2.git ATMega16U2 of a modified Uno R3 doing SPI flashing (flashrom... 3 years ago
frser-teensyflash.git Teensy 3.1 doing serprog with LPC and SPI (and FWH...) 3 years ago
frser-atmega644.git Flashrom serprog device code for my ATmega644p + FTDI232R thingy. 3 years ago
m328-uart-bandwidth-test.git Helper tool I used during development of fast-usbserial 3 years ago
abs-pro-mini-sw.git SW (and HW) for an Arduino-like board that should-be-able-to... 3 years ago
keybfake.git Tiny AVR project to hack a remote control for RC power switches 4 years ago
st7565-fontgen.git The code & data i use to create an 8x8 font file for the ST7565... 4 years ago
narcdec.git Nokia / Symbian Backup.arc decoder 5 years ago
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