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Project Description Last Change
arch-c201.git My hacks to make the C201 more usable on arch-arm 12 days ago
solarpcb.git Solar light PCB 5 weeks ago
tprobe.git ATtiny85V logic probe 6 weeks ago
pandora-wip-kernel.git WIP pandora 4.14 kernel 7 weeks ago
iblcd-ng.git iblcd (fancier carlcdp, "instrument board") pcb, second try... 2 months ago
dasholedsw.git sw for a dash oled thing :P 2 months ago
project-tinygif.git Make GIFs easier to decode on an AVR. The result is not a gif... 2 months ago
cros-compat.git Abusing CrOS services from a chroot or container :P 2 months ago
avr-tools-pnd.git scripties for a pandora AVR Tools pnd 3 months ago
nschrooter.git User namespace-based chroot()-like thing. 3 months ago
babi.git A small nano-like text editor that I want to make usable and... 9 months ago
frser-duino.git Reimplementation of serprog-duino based on the original flashrom... 10 months ago
retrolpc.git LPC SuperI/O extension board for PCEngines alix2,apu1,apu2 boards... 11 months ago
usbavrprog2.git AT90USB (proto is 1287) based flashrom serprog flash (NOR) chip... 11 months ago
ciface.git My little embedded console interface common bits 11 months ago
spisolator.git SPI Isolator 12 months ago
carlcdp.git A personal project. The code is GPLv3 just for the sake of using... 14 months ago
chpndser.git ch340g-based "ext port serial port to usb"-adapter for the pandora 19 months ago
tiny26dac.git ATtiny26 as an LPT DAC (old project archived) 23 months ago
stm32-lpc.git WIP STM32 based ... thing 23 months ago
libfrser.git "Library" (no .a) for implementing the FlashRom SERprog protocol 2 years ago
pndnub-fw.git WIP; Firmware for a pandora nub ATmega8L 2 years ago
am644-denver.git I never used this for a real project, but code to interface with... 2 years ago
ps2-to-rs232.git ATtiny85 converting PS/2 mouse to serial... 2 years ago
B2T.git Explodify and maybe even un-explodify nokia firmware images that... 2 years ago
s60-uptime.git 2 years ago
s2putty.git Reboot of the S60 1st Ed and 2nd Ed support... 2 years ago
frser-emu.git linux libfrser-as-daemon that fakes a flash chip for libfrser... 2 years ago
frser-atmega88.git Legacy flashrom serprog code of the ATmega88/168 demo board ... 2 years ago
frser-m328lpcspi.git Firmware for 5V AVR Arduino compatible shield with LPC/FWH and SPI 2 years ago
fast-usbserial.git ATMega16U2 firmare - faster than arduino-usbserial 2 years ago
frser-spi-u2.git ATMega16U2 of a modified Uno R3 doing SPI flashing (flashrom... 2 years ago
frser-teensyflash.git Teensy 3.1 doing serprog with LPC and SPI (and FWH...) 3 years ago
frser-atmega644.git Flashrom serprog device code for my ATmega644p + FTDI232R thingy. 3 years ago
m328-uart-bandwidth-test.git Helper tool I used during development of fast-usbserial 3 years ago
abs-pro-mini-sw.git SW (and HW) for an Arduino-like board that should-be-able-to... 3 years ago
keybfake.git Tiny AVR project to hack a remote control for RC power switches 3 years ago
st7565-fontgen.git The code & data i use to create an 8x8 font file for the ST7565... 4 years ago
narcdec.git Nokia / Symbian Backup.arc decoder 4 years ago
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